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Financial Technology

First trust and then services

Financial Technology


  FinTech (financial technology) is anywhere technology is applied in financial services or used to help companies manage the      financial aspects of their business, including new software and applications, processes and business models. In sector we have    a lots of example of this technological items.



  So how can be services, customize and inosculate the Fintech technology with our technics? Of course,with our test feautures.


  Functional Test   Implement the right automation framework to meet your objectives


  Exploratory Test   is a simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution the technology


  Usability Test   Ensure data is correct, secure and compliant to the latest regulations.The system is fumctional or not.


  Load & Stability Test   Ensure your platform and services continue to work at peak times.


  Security & Privacy Test   Don’t wait to come under attack, build in application security from the start.


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