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We do collect all the data gathered from online and offline consumer research. We do a mining process to give you a brief report about the needs and recommended actions for 3 dimentions.


A consumer insight rooted in empathy is the seed from which meaningful innovation can grow. We use empathy as a tool to help our clients get better insights by connecting them with the real people they serve. Our desire is to transform market research and change the brand-to-buyer mentality into a human-to human relationship.


What we do here:

  • Ethnographic Research,

  • Consumer Lab,

  • On The Road Observation,

  • Home Visits,

  • Side Visits,

  • Empathy Trainings,

  • Co – Creation,

  • «In-Sourcing» Sessions


A powerful insight should not be left to chance. We understand team dynamics and the science behind how people create. Utilizing core principles of human creativity, we help our clients use their insights to generate ideas for a new message, product or service that is meaningful to consumers and delivers on business goals.


What we do here:

  • 3D Ideation Sessions,

  • Consumer Lab,

  • Trend Analysis,

  • Prototyping,

  • Trainings

  • Round Table Meetings:

    • Global Institutes,

    • In-Sector Experts,

    • Outsiders,

    • Youngsters,

    • Universities,

    • Consumers



Identify "white space" growth opportunities—tapping into an entirely new customer opportunity with a completely new business model that changes the competitive landscape. Successfully enter markets, re-conceiving business models that recognize the unique unmet needs of consumers in these markets, profitably and efficiently. Create new systems, rules, company culture and metrics that enable companies to organize for and implement new businesses successfully.


What we do here:

  • Marketing & Brand Strategy

  • Communication Strategy

  • Go to Market Strategy

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