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Security & Privacy Tests

Software security is about making software behave in the presence of a malicious attack, even though in the real world, software failures usually happen spontaneously-that is, without intentional mischief.

A vulnerability is an error that an attacker can exploit. Attackers generally don’t care whether a vulnerability is due to a flaw or a bug, although bugs tend to be easier to exploit. Because attacks are now becoming more sophisticated, the notion of which vulnerabilities actually matter is changing. Although timing attacks, including the well-known race condition, were considered exotic just a few years ago, they’re common now. 

Not surprisingly, standard software testing literature is only concerned with what happens when software fails, regardless of intent. Design-level vulnerabilities are the hardest defect category to handle, but they’re also the most prevalent and critical. 

We do check your website for server & application 

  • Vulnerabilities, hidden malware, and SSL security configuration errors.

  • Detect vulnerabilities and review ways to fix them.

  • Find malware uploaded by malicious users.

  • Verify that SSL is properly configured and working.

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