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Games are more enjoyable and realistic now





   When people want to play a game their expectation is different but they have some common view. The basic expectations are; the game               have to be reachable and it should make basic things that the users waiting for it.


   If we explain clearly the other common expectations;


  • Are players able to install the app or program?  

  • Are the controls intuitive when using virtual reality headsets?

  • Can servers provide itself to the users and is there any problem when the all users want to

        join in the game? 

  • Does a certain browser game function well on all browser versions?


   Load & Stability Test is the main test for the games. Because the first thing is; check the performance of the game and observe can stay                stabile or not.


  With the game testing we can implement to see all these function is working well or not with our Functional Test, also we check and                      measure the privacy system to protect the users system information with our Security & Privacy Test.

  The game producer and the gamer also want to feel relax and understand the game’s feauters, systems and the all other stuffs. Also gamer          will be play the game first time so he or she can figured out what is going on in this game and can discover the games area, items and game          systems.


  Our  Usability Test and Exploratory Test  show them to you and  solve the problem that the system has in it.

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