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Importance of Mobile App Design

Today’s technology is getting smarter and most of companies have tendency of going fast through mobile. Mobile developers are getting more important responsibilities day by day. Well I wish, it could be only related to coding but it is not. Most of problems are about design issues.

To start with, UI/UX designers should get on well. They should both follow the latest trends for both Android and IOS applications. They should work together and arrange the applications according to app content with all of the options for best infrastructure and components. Architecture of the apps should be underlined. So that designers have to work closely with developers. Designed screens and custom components should be responsive and compatible with whole of the app.

Secondly, the design should match with performance and memory management of the apps. Custom components, especially which are requires information for the actions, and the animations have to be supported by UI/UX. Visual effects (especially animations) with multi-step processes causes complaints. If UI/UX design of the app is not compatible and responsive, mobile developers have to spend much more effort than they think and the coding architecture of the mobile app might be like a garbage.

Moreover, when introducing new elements (such as new components or features of the app), design should be brief so that developers can complete coding perfectly the real feature and/or the new element of the app. Virtual effects and definitions must present the real aim. The result will lead the happy users and developers. So that expressions and layers must be defined well for both users and coders. For example in the app, if a screen includes animation, before & after cases must be clear. Developers should have time to make the code better with great performance and perfect visuality.It is not over yet! Mobile developers and designers should be excited for new technologies and trends to code great apps. They should encourage and inform the designers for challanges.

Following design trends should be implemented to create valuable apps:

1- Simplification Design: Simple animations, components, minimalism, simple color schemes and step by step actions. UI elements must be interactive. In addition, fonts, colors, icons, animations and with all other elements should be presented simply. Natural interactions is focused on, adapting a video/image might be useful to get short attention.

2- Linear Design: For animations and processes there must be specific start point, middle, and end to inform users how much time to spend & remaining time to complete actions step by step. Following questions must be answered by animations and gestures:

  • What will happen after the action?

  • How long the processes will take, how much is completed?

  • Is the action completed, if not what is going on?

3- Content-Centered Design: The main message of the content should be focused and animations should lead the core message to create proper communication with end users.

4- Gesture Animation: If a component has a gesture action, it must be specified with gesture animations. Gesture animations might include focused colors, but should not break the rules of the general app design. Every similar content/component must have the same animation with similar actions. In app, it must be defined well when an element is zoomed, swiped, tapped and pinched to communicate with users.

5- Material Design: Material design must be implemented for every design and should not let missing points. It includes rules for both Android and IOS apps such as: app bars, outlined text fields, validations and animations and all other materials. It is responsive, innovative and explained well with documents.

6- Personalization Design: Personalization is the fanciest trend of 2018. According to personalization design rule, personal dashboard should welcome the users when the app is fresh opened. It should include persons actions which are completed by the app. The person should be encouraged to use the app more, dashboard should be improved by the user actions. It might offer improved actions, push notifications and let the user make the app more personal.

User interaction is important,when the app lets the users make it more personal with their personal tendency and needs it will be greater. For example when users are able to arrange the notification limitations, content, time to get it will be more interactive and proper. Moreover, when users are able to arrange the dashboard according to their needs and interests it will be more interactive and exiciting. Think about it, if i can change the design of the app with my favorite colors and themes. The users can check the dashboard and change the purpose of the app according the their desires so that no need to delete the app or look for another functional app. It would be perfect, very fancy!

As a result, designers should be innovative and open minded to create great apps with mobile developers. There is unbelievable rapidly adopted technology improvement and trends especially for mobile applications. Designers and mobile developers must have to pursue closely the trends to survive and overcome with the rapidly changed technology.

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