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Humanious Knights 

Come and join the amazing world of Hyperboreus .Choose the 4 different region and be their knights. Each region has their own specialities and customized knights or become a free spirit and create your own rules in this dangerous lands.Remember act together, trust no body. 

The Treasures

In the dangerous world of Hyperboreous you can gain the treasures by making the tests that given by the mysterious spirit.Use your treasures to gain enchanted medals and their mysterious powers.

The treasures are waiting for you!

Humanious Knights is a testing platform for mobile games for gamers. Tests allows you  to create better mobile gaming experience for the other gamers and also you are giving support to mobile game developers.In the amazing world of humanious knighst you can loot many amazing treasures for free.

About us

About Us

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Sinema Bileti
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